Weight loss at end of pregnancy

pregnant weightloss

Pregnancy is one of the wonders of the human body, allowing women to house another life within their wombs, creating room for a growing human child for 9 months. The entire process right from fertilization of the ovum until delivery of the baby, takes toll on the women’s body, the female hormones are all over the place, the bones, muscles, organs are all constantly changing to accommodate the foetus. The normal physiologic functions are altered, diet, excretion are all varied now. One of the quite glaringly obvious changes in a…

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How to get an erection?

get a erection

Erection which is nothing but the hardening of the male penis when sexually aroused is something experienced by all persons with penises right from puberty. Physiology behind getting an erection To understand how to get an erection one needs to first understand the physiology behind erection. Normally the penis during resting state is supplied by arteries which are not completely open. The patent arteries are only partially open when the penis isn’t aroused by sexual stimuli. Corpora cavernosa refers to two chambers inside the penis which extend form the head…

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