Is HGH (Human growth hormone) legal in the UK?

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What is HGH ( human growth hormone) Before taking into consideration that whether the HGH is legal or not, let us first discuss that what HGH actually is? So, the answer to this specific question is that HGH is actually a growth hormone. If we take a look at the abbreviation HGH, then it stands for Human Hormone.  It is a reality a growth hormone that is present naturally as well. If we consider the natural source of this hormone, then it is produced by the pituitary gland of the…

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Cure for baldness is there a cure?

baldness in men

Baldness or hair loss If we firstly talk about the term baldness that is indeed very closely related to hair loss, then this term simply implies the thinning of the hair and even a complete loss as well. This hair loss is also referred to the term alopecia. The loss of hair usually results in baldness. When an individual faces hair loss, he usually becomes bald. Another important aspect about this baldness is that it can be temporary as well as permanent. So, this is the overall concept about baldness…

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