6 causes of hair loss in men

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Different types of Hair loss

Hair loss is also referred to as alopecia. As the name indicates that this hair loss is the thinning or the complete loss of hair. This loss of hair is also referred to baldness. This hair loss can either be of head or any other body part. But still, generally most of the time hair loss is concerned with the baldness of head. When a person faces hair loss, he becomes bald. The baldness increases with time. Another fact about the hair loss is that it is not only related to males but the females may also suffer from hair loss. 

Therefore we may conclude that the hair loss is not a specific gender related thing. Further, the hair loss can either be temporary or it can even be permanent. But still, there are certain causes that promote this baldness. And baldness basically refers to the loss of hair of the head.

Even under normal conditions, we also loose some of our hair. For instance, when we comb our hair, we observe that some eof the hair is lost during this process but that is not to be confused with hair loss. This is because normal and healthy hair continues to grow and brings the deficiency to an equilibrium. The situation of baldness arises when the new hair doesn’t grow at all. And this will ultimately lead to baldness or hair loss because the new hair is not taking place of the already lost hair. So this situation leads to baldness.

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Symptoms of hair loss

By observing some of the symptoms and patterns, one can come to know whether it is related to baldness or not. So some of the symptoms are as follows:

Sudden loosening of hair

You are most likely to suffer from this hair loss issue if you observe a kind of sudden loosening of your hair. For instance, if you began to observe that more and more hair falls when you comb, then this may be a prominent symptom to hair loss.

Thinning on top of head

When you observe a thinning of hair on your head, then you should be worried about baldness because it is also a symptom to hair loss. In such situations, the hair begins to recede and hair generally starts thinning in some specific patterns.

Medications that can cause hair loss

Some medications can also result in hair loss. Such as we observe that after chemotherapy, an individual observes a temporary hair loss not only on head but overall body as well. So, some kind of medicines can also result in hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Many people thing that the hair loss or baldness process is only a genetic related fact. This is actually not truth. Although I do agree that genetics plays a vital role in this regard but still it is not the only causing factor in this regard. Their are some other causes of hair loss also involved in it. Some of the causes of hair loss are as follows.


Baldness is generally caused by hereditary. This means that if you have a family history in terms of hair loss, then you are most likely to also suffer from this situation. This genetics definitely plays a vital role in hair loss. This hair loss caused by genetics is also referred as hereditary hair loss. The fact is that this hereditary hair loss can not be stopped but still some medications can help you in reducing its pace of hair loss.

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Medical situations

This is also a fact that some of the medical situations can also lead you towards hair loss. For instance, if someone is suffering from some medical situations such as thyroid disease or some other conditions, this may lead to a disturbance in the normal hormonal balance. This disturbance then results in the hair loss of that specific individual. Similarly, diabetes also leads to hair loss because it kind of damages the overall body’s immune system. So, medical situations can cause hair loss especially in men.


Many people question that how stress and hair loss are related because both of these are a separate set of things. But the fact is that while an individual is in stress, it results in a disturbance of the body’s hormonal balance. This disturbance then may eventually lead to a temporary hair loss.


Lifestyle and the diet of an individual may also cause hair loss. For instance, if someone doesn’t eat much protein in his diet and the protein level of the body becomes low, then that individual is more likely to suffer from hair loss. Similarly, it is said that smoking generally fastens the rate of hair loss in men.


Some specific medications may also lead to temporary hair loss in men. Like it is said in chemotherapy that the patient generally observes a complete loss of hair throughout his body. So, some specific medications and treatment can definitely cause hair loss in men.

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How important is Haircare?

If an individual doesn’t take proper care of his hair, then he may be likely to suffer from this hair loss issue. If an individual doesn’t take care of his scalp and hair, it is more likely that the hair follicles will weaken and will generally lead to hair loss.

So, these were some of the causes of hair loss in men. All these factors play a vital and an important role in causing hair loss

if your looking for a permanent surgical option to hair loss check out our article on follicular unit extraction

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