8 sure fire ways to lose weight fast

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  • Date: September 15, 2022
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As much as we’d all love for it to be true, there is no magic pill or secret method that will suddenly make a person lose weight. But don’t worry, we are here to provide you with 8 proven ways to help you lose weight and keep it lost!


This seems like a no-brainer but it’s something that a lot of people try to shy away from when they are attempting to lose weight. This is usually because they think they have to suddenly become some kind of marathon runner or start lifting weights like Dwayne Johnson!

In order to lose weight, the body needs to be burning less calories than it is taking in. This could be anything from brisk walking a few times a week, swimming or even taking a dance class.

Portion size:

With some people it isn’t necessarily what they’re eating but actually how much they are consuming. Portion size isn’t something that naturally comes into the brain as we are used to just eating what is on the plate. This plate size needs a change.

By using smaller plates, one can trick their mind into thinking it is their regular portion size and will thus be eating less food and subsequently less calories. PhenQ review and this works even better by adding smaller cutlery which causes you to eat slower and sends signals to the brain that you are full quicker.


Studies have shown that we simply do not drink enough water daily and this has a major impact on the body and also weight loss. Garcinia cambogia weight loss review and Drinking more water will fill up your stomach and leave you feeling full for longer. Water of course has negligible calories and is better than the large amount of calories that would come from actual food.

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Not only this, water boosts your metabolism which is very important in losing weight as a faster metabolism will burn calories more efficiently. The more calories burnt result in less calories left in the body to increase your weight.


Good quality sleep is essential in the fight to lose weight, this is because poor sleep triggers a part of the brain that controls your urges to eat. If this part of your brain is compromised, an individual will find themselves wanting to eat more than they need to.

Sleep deprivation hinders the body’s ability to produce leptin which is a hormone released from fat cells that signal to the brain that you’re full. Poor sleep will alter these signals causing you to overeat.

Read food labels:

Deciding to lose weight is great and something to be championed but that doesn’t mean that everything around you will be contributing to that goal. This is why you need to read the labels on your food as there may be hidden things that will thwart your attempt to lose weight. Foods that you wouldn’t consider to be unhealthy like cereal can contain very high amounts of sugar and fats.

Simply taking the time out to read the backs of food you are buying can make all the difference in trying to lose weight.


This may seem a little odd to read but it is important that you don’t ban all of the food you like to eat. For example, if you love chocolate biscuits, completely banning them from your diet will only make you crave them more. This will make abstaining from them harder and cause you to splurge out on them when you get the chance.

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The trick is to allow yourself a treat of a chocolate biscuit of whatever it is that you love to eat but goes against your weight loss goals. This way you are keeping in control and still allowing yourself to enjoy the foods you love.

Cut down on alcohol:

For thousands of years alcohol has held a very special place in the function of society whether it be a wedding, birthday party or just any type of celebration. However, when it comes to alcohol more emphasis is made on its effects on a person’s mind and behaviour than its calorie content.

A glass of wine can have more calories than junk food, and that is depending on the type of grape used and the manufacturing process. So before you have that glass of alcohol, look up how many calories it has and decide if it is worth having than the weight loss you’re trying to achieve.

Don’t shop while you’re hungry

Before you decide to go shopping, it is best to have a meal so that you’re not hungry and craving the wrong food while in the supermarket. When you’re hungry, the brain will begin to signal for food that will release energy very quickly, this is usually unhealthy food that is loaded with sugar and fats.

Your brain will make it a lot harder to concentrate on buying healthy foods such as salads and fruits and will have you taking a walk down the snack aisle.

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