Adele weight loss – how did she do it?

Who is Adele

Adele Laurie is actually an English singer. Apart from being a singer, she is also a songwriter as well. She basically graduated from the BRIT School in 2006 and later on, she started her journey in the world of music and songs. Due to her efforts in the respective field, Adele won the award for the best new artist as well as the award of best female pop vocal performance.

Adele weight loss journey

Adele usually had some excessive body weight and no one can deny that. Further, at her one of the recent performance and hosting at the Saturday Night Live show, she herself made a comment on her appearance and weight. She admitted that now she looked quite different than before and she basically had transformed completely. This was obviously observed by her fans at the show because she had incredibly lost some weight and now looked more slim and smart. What I can say is that Adele had indeed gone through some amazing transformation and had lost some visible amount of her body weight.

Well, if I were to talk about the weight loss that Adele had undergone, then I would rather say that it had all been possible because of two things. First is the workout that she followed and the second one is her diet plan.

adele weight loss

Adele’s Workout

If we talk about the start of Adele’s weight loss, then most of the fans of her started noticing it in October 2019. It all of this became evident because of a picture that she posted on her Instagram profile and the caption was also remarkable. She captioned it with the statement that “I used to cry but now I sweat”. This definitely depicts her hard workout routine that she has been following. Yes, it indeed insinuates that Adele had been doing some regular as well as extreme workout and this exercise and workout is indeed one of the main aspect that helped her to lose her excessive body weight.

Now, if we take into consideration the workout routine of Adele, then she has indeed intensified her workout. What we heard from a source is that Adele usually performs workout three times a week. If we talk about her past, then Adele had never been fond of doing exercises or working out but despite this fact, now she has been seen working out and indeed working out intensely. 

She performs workout three times per week and one session of her workout basically includes doing cardio, circuit training and Pilates as well. Further, if we consider one session of her workout then that session usually lasts for about an hour. So, what we can conclude is that indeed Adele had been doing some intense workouts to get into desired body shape. 

Another reason for doing such workout that Adele herself told the people is that the workout and exercises that she does basically help her to remain in shape as well as it provides her the required stamina that she needs for her tours and performances.

The Diet Adele used to lose fat

Now, if we take into consideration the diet that Adele follows, then what some of the sources told us is that she had now been following the Sirtfood diet. So, some of the sources claimed this fact although, it has not been accepted by the singer herself, but still, what has been heard is that she is on this specific diet. Further, another aspect is that the trainer of Adele is also a fan of this diet plan so, what people get from this point is that she will be on such a diet.

As we know that indeed the diet is an important aspect that is related to weight loss. It is very difficult to lose weight without focusing and paying attention to one’s specific diet. Further, if we take into consideration this Sirtfood diet, then it is actually based on a book that has been written by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. If we talk about these Sirtfoods, then these basically include foods that are rich in nutrients. 

These rich nutrient foods are considered to work effectively for making an individual skim as these are known to activate the skinny genes of the body. These are known as the sirtuins. Further, an important aspect of this diet plan is that this Sirtfood diet actually involves the intake of red wine, coffee and chocolate as well. Apart from these, the Sirtfood diet also contains buckwheat, celery, cocoa, parsley, strawberries and walnuts as well. All of these diets are basically very important and essential for the body as these provide necessary strength to the body as well.


So, based on the above discussion, what we conclude is that Adele had been following a strict and intense workout routine. She performs workout three times a week and each session of her workout lasts for about an hour. 

Further, she also maintains her diet and indeed follows the Sirtfood diet that provides her the required energy and also helps and assists her to lose extra body weight. Therefore, because of these factors, Adele has definitely lost some prominent weight in the recent months and now appears to be more slim, smart and active.

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