Half The People Treated For High Blood Pressure Obtain No Benefit 09 1

Blood Pressure

The latest study shows drugs give no benefit for mild hypertension.

The latest study from the independent Cochrane Collaboration examines the benefit of taking drugs to lower mildly raised blood pressure, typically between 140/90 to 159/99.


Current recommendations are that anybody with this level of blood pressure is treated with blood pressure-lowering drugs if lifestyle changes have not been able to bring the levels down.

Currently, about half of all people treated for high blood pressure are in this range. Strangely, there has never been a published drug trial examining the benefits of drug treatment for this group.

This new study teased out participants from published drug trials with this level of hypertension and found that there was no benefit in lowering heart problems or stroke, which is what these drugs are taken for, but that drug side effects could be significant.

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