I highly recommend the The Lunch Box Diet for weight loss because it is a very healthy way of eating, and it overcomes most of the problems that weight loss diets have.

It is not based on the starvation type of diet, so there is no counting calories or measuring out portions, and you never feel hungry. It doesn’t really feel like a diet because you can eat a normal breakfast and evening meal with the rest of the family. What it does is help you overcome the desire for unhealthy snacking and poor food choices in between.

It is based on the principles of healthy eating and works by controling your blood sugar levels. It shows you how to organise your lunch box with the right combination of vegetables, protein and healthy fats to make tasty combinations which you graze on through the day. No more boring salads and cardboard meal substitutes. This is real nutritious food. It is so healthy that is ideal for weight loss for anyone with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems or high cholesterol levels.

Use the same Lunch Box Diet to keep at your ideal weight when you have lost the weight that you want, because after a month it becomes a natural way of eating. This isn’t one of those fad diets. It’s a new way of eating and enjoying real food.


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