Happiness and the pursuit of happiness is what motivates everyone’s choices throughout their life, so why are so many people unhappy? Well, most of us don’t stop and think about what makes us really happy. In many ways we are all too busy doing the things we think will make us happy, rather than appreciating that happiness is how we are feeling now.

The scientific study of happiness and all the bits that come together to make us happy is revealing how the wonderful complexity of our minds works, and how the pieces fit together to make us happy, healthy and successful individuals.

Understanding Happiness

Happiness can be understood on many levels. The simplest way is just to look at your life and find the things that give you a happy feeling.

There is, however, more to happiness than this if you want to dig a little deeper. Many people think that happiness comes when something is achieved.

Those people will be happy when they are slim or get a promotion or are successful, but this is thinking about happiness the wrong way round.

Understanding and putting into place your relationship with yourself and other people is a good basis for happiness that lasts. And avoiding depression, a total lack of happiness, is another skill.

Being happy with yourself is the first step to happiness because until you are happy with yourself you can’t be happy with other people and with life.

Being happy with yourself starts with self-confidence and knowing who you are and being able to accept yourself as this person and being happy and comfortable in your own shoes.

You are then able to create the world you want by using positive thinking to constantly improve the things you think about and achieve in life.

Being happy with other people can come once you are happy with yourself. and have established your self-worth in your own eyes.

You can then overcome the common problems of loneliness and shyness, by having the confidence to be yourself with other people.

However, going out and talking to people in any situation can stretch the confidence of most of us, and while some people seem completely natural at this, many of us can do with a few hints and tips along the way before we find our own natural style and feel confident to take relationships to the next level of making friends, and dating.

Your emotions have a great effect on your life, and it is important to keep them under the right amount of control so that they don’t control you.

Many people make themselves and those around them miserable because of anger, jealousy, worry, guilt, and shame, yet these are all under your own control and can be overcome by a change in thinking. Grief is a painful emotion to overcome when we have lost someone we love, but there is a time and a way to let go and move on.

Love is a great emotion that changes our behavior completely.

Happy moments are special treasures to remember and carry with you throughout your life. They hold a special significance and happen at the most unexpected times.

This section shares some of these special moments to make you think, reflect, or just bring a smile to your face.

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