Can You Have Anal Sex When Pregnant?

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  • Date: May 19, 2021
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You may have heard that you can’t have anal sex when pregnant, but this is in fact untrue. There are many people who choose to continue having anal sex during pregnancy and find it pleasurable. This article includes information about the risks of pregnancy anal as well as how to go about doing it safely if you do decide you want to keep going with your favorite sexual activity.

The Risks of Anal Sex When Pregnant

Anal sex during pregnancy poses a number of risks for the pregnant woman and her unborn child. The first is that it can cause infection in the reproductive system, which could lead to preterm labor or even miscarriage. Secondly, there are increased risks of passing on sexually transmitted diseases from an infected partner to the pregnant woman. Lastly, anal sex during pregnancy can cause tearing in the anus or rectum which may lead to hemorrhoids and painful bowel movements after childbirth as well as make it more difficult for both partners to have enjoyable intercourse later on.

Tips for Anal Sex During Pregnancy

One of the most important things about having anal sex during pregnancy is to use a condom. Condoms are necessary for many reasons, but especially because your immune system might be compromised in certain ways due to pregnancy hormones and you may not have as much protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Here are some other tips for safe anal sex during pregnancy:

  •  Use lubricant – or saliva if you don’t have any handy – so that your anus doesn’t become too dry and uncomfortable.
  • If it feels like you’re going to poop, move away from penetration and try again later when you feel more comfortable with pushing down on your intestines (or start by using fingers). Pooping while penetrating can cause serious health problems 
  • Have anal sex slowly to prevent tearing in the rectum.
  • Stop if you feel pain or discomfort.
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