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FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a form of hair transplant surgery that involves removing individual hair follicles from a donor part of the body, typically the sides and back of the scalp/head. Individual follicles are then inserted in the infected or treated areas using the FUE method. This is typically the classic horseshoe field for men suffering from male pattern baldness. 

In this article, Dr. Manas Jain who is one of the best Mysore based hair transplant surgeon will discuss the method & advantages of FUE Procedure.

follicular unit extraction method-

  • The Doctor begins by anesthetizing the scalp. 
  • To isolate a graft, the doctor uses a small microneedle to make a circular incision less than 1 mm in diameter around a follicular unit on your head. 
  • The doctor then removes the follicular unit from your donor region using a tweezer-like instrument. This procedure is used to extract several follicular units. 
  • Before the follicular units are harvested, tiny holes are drilled in the areas of the scalp/head where hair loss has occurred. 
  • The follicular units are then inserted into these holes, where they begin to produce hair. 
  • After the surgery, a disinfectant is gently applied to the head. 
  • The doctor will ask you to wear a bandana or a hat for a few days after the operation to cover your head. 

What are the measures I should take before undergoing a FUE procedure? 

There are several requirements you must obey after you have been found physically fit to undergo a FUE procedure

  • Please tell your doctor right away if you are taking any blood thinners, as they could be a contraindication to surgery. 
  • If you’re taking large beta-blockers, tell your doctor right away.
  • You must carry your inhaler to the clinic on the day of the operation if you need one.
  • One week prior to your treatment, refrain from taking any antiinflammatory drugs.
  • For one week before the hair transplant operation, stop taking any B or E vitamins, including multivitamins, as these tablets are known to increase bleeding.
  • Prescription drugs for heart and blood pressure should be taken exactly as instructed. 
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol, you should stop two weeks before the operation because smoking and drinking will slow down the healing process. 
  • If you plan to dye your hair, do so at least 7 days before the operation and clean your scalp every day, even the day of the procedure, to keep it free of dye.
  • Some physicians will advise you to eat breakfast and lunch before the operation, while others will advise you to fast for at least 12 hours prior to the procedure. Please follow your doctor’s orders as closely as possible. 
  • Some physicians will advise you to thoroughly wash your hair the day of the operation, while others will not. As a result, please follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • On the day of the surgery, avoid using hair sprays or other styling items. 
  • On the day of the treatment, avoid caffeine-containing drinks. 
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Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation 

FUE hair transplantation provides more donor site choices and grafts can be harvested from other parts of the body as well. The FUE technique can also be used to fill in brow and beard areas in both men and women. 

  • FUE has a range of advantages over FUT, including the fact that it is a less invasive procedure with no visible scarring in the donor region. It’s best for brief sessions and patients who are only starting to lose their hair. 
  • It’s perfect for patients who choose to wear their hair short. It’s perfect for patients who don’t like shaving their heads. 
  • It may also be used to replace a moustache or eyebrows. The reduced appearance of scarring is the most significant benefit of FUE over other hair transplant procedures for the majority of FUE patients. 
  • Another great advantage of FUE is that the patient can cut or shave their hair short or shaved without fear of scarring or injury. 
  • Some FUT patients opt for a FUE procedure to mask a longitudinal scar from a previous FUT scalp incision. 
  • Former FUT patients who have reduced scalp elasticity after their FUT surgery can benefit from FUE. 
  • FUE is also a viable choice for patients who aren’t good candidates for FUT because they have a soft scalp or have little hair at the donor site. 
  • FUE may be used to remove follicle units from other parts of the body in such situations. For certain patients, hair transplants from the arms, legs, stomach, and back are the best and only choice, allowing more people to get a denser head of hair.
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