Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss and Diet Plan

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One would be lying if they claimed to have never come across the name Fluffy, the super popular American stand-up comedian, who has for decades been in the comedy circuit, almost always on TV for one show or the other. Fluffy, whose birth name is Gabriel Iglesias has done plenty of gigs ever since he started his stand-up journey seriously in 1997.

The 44 year old is America’s most successful stand-up comedian having performed in sold-out shows across the globe including big, arenas such as Madison Square Garden in New York, Staples Center in Los Angeles and Sydney Opera House in Australia

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Iglesias’s stand-up specials include Hot & Fluffy , I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy, Aloha Fluffy , I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry all of these DVDs sold millions of copies and are being streamed on the Netflix. He also has a Netflix original series which he is the executive producer and features in it as well called Mr. Iglesias

The list of Iglesias’s works and achievements is endless and since the main focus of this article is to shed light on how Gabriel Iglesias lost close to 100 pounds, let’s delve into that.

Gabriel Iglesias weighed 437 pounds right before he started on his weight loss journey back in 2013, by 2015 he has gone down to 320 pounds as he had revealed on the Today Show.

If you’ve watched any of Fluff’s stand-ups or his shows you’d know that his content revolved around jokes about his overweight self and his funny experiences and encounters he faced throughout his life because of his bulky figure.

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What made gabriel iglesias want to lose weight?

It was only in 2013 a doctor told him that he barely had 2 years to live if he did not take his weight issues seriously did it hit Iglesias how unhealthy his weight was. His doctor warned him how his eating and drinking lifestyle could be detrimental to health, given he was a diabetic waking up with blood sugar levels as high as 300 every morning.

The harsh wake-up call made him rethink his lifestyle choices and he realized he had to do something right then to better his health and he needed to be healthy now more than ever.

He recalls how at one point of time his legs turned black from lack of circulation, because his legs were not able to support a 437 pound figure, making them swollen and disrupting circulation. 

The skin on the inside of his legs began to crack, even started bleeding at some places, his kidneys and eyesight started deteriorating as well. That’s when he partnered with his friend Martin who also happens to be a comic to help him with his weight and health issues.

Martin helped Gabriel with his diet and fitness routines to help him achieve a healthier routine. Martin and Gabriel pushed each other to do better, motivating one another and even had different training routines which they did together. Martin was more inclined towards lifting and Gabriel was more of a treadmill guy, they enjoyed each other’s company while inspiring the other to do better.

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Gabriel Iglesias Diet Change

Gabriel reportedly cut down on all types of crabs, sugars and processed food. He completely gave up on bread and loaded on protein rich meat instead. He was becoming increasingly conscious and aware of what he put into his body.

It was indeed difficult for Iglesias to stick to a fitness and diet plan for his work required him to travel most days making it harder to find time to work out and the opportunity to eat healthy. Even if he did order-in he made sure to eat the meat and veggies leaving behind the carb part of the meal.

Gabriel’s drinking habit from 4 days a week to twice a month, boy that’s some serious cutting down! Gabriel definitely has earned our respect for pushing himself through and prioritizing his health.

This wasn’t a breezy stroll down the lane says Gabriel, he mentions there were days he wanted to give up that it hurt his body to start exercising; to the point that he even cried he was so sad.

But he kept on telling himself that he had to persevere if he still wanted to be around in a couple of years.

Gabriel’s obesity prevented him from doing cardio and was cautious about doing it, given his weak knees which made it even difficult for him to lift himself up from the floor without the help of a chair. He then took up DDP Yoga curated by the former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. With practice over a time, Gabriel was able to put himself down and get right up without a chair.

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Gabriel Iglesias’s 2 cents for those trying to shed a few pounds:

Do not trust any shortcut, immediate results weight loss programs, they are not reliable and very inconsistent. You need to sweat it out, eat right if you want to achieve your targeted body shape.

  • Slim-fast, Zone bars, NutriSystem, Weight watchers , Atkins , and South Beach- none of these worked out for him.
  • Diet sodas became a big NO for him, says it only made him hungrier and made him eat whatever was in front of him.
  • Having a good companion during your weight loss journey could go a long way in keeping your spirits up and high during the process.
  • Be patient, allow your body adequate time to adapt and transform
    Follow the right diet plan, consult your physician if you have to.
  • Stay away from any of kind of beverages, only replenish yourself with water and electrolytes.
    Exercise and sweat it out! That is the only way forward if you want to see any real change.

Gabriel Iglesias has won our hearts and earned our respect for being the strong-willed person that he is and undergoing a remarkable transformation, inspiring thousands of others as well in the process. Way to go Gabriel!


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