Gemma Collins weight loss – how did she do it?

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  • Date: January 25, 2022
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About Gemma Collins

If we talk about who actually is Gemma Collins, then she is basically an English media personality. Apart from being in the field of media, she also takes part in business and is indeed a businesswoman. In media, Gemma Collins has worked in a number of reality shows including the “The Only Way Is Essex”, “Celebrity Big Brother”, “Dancing On Ice” and many more. Further, she also began to work and even created her own reality franchise as well.

Gemma Collins weight loss

Indeed, people know that Gemma Collins used to be very fat and looked overweighed. This star made an aim to lose her weight in the lockdown and what she did was indeed remarkable. She basically adjusted and changed her diet plan and exercise plan as well that helped her in order to lose weight. 

If we take into consideration the medication that Gemma Collins took in order to lose her weight, then it included the use of Skinny Jab injections. By following her new diet plan, doing continuous exercise and using these Jab injections, Gemma Collins was able to lose approximately 3 stones of weight. I would also say that the lockdown had been a good scenario and situation for her to help her in losing some weight.

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gemma collins weight loss

Skinny jab injections did she use?

Gemma Collins used the skinny jab injections in order to lose her weight of about 3 stones along with having a healthy and balanced diet and also doing regular exercise as well. If we take into consideration that what actually is the skinny jab injection, then actually it basically refers to a course of injectable medication and if we consider its administration, then it is usually used on weekly basis and sometime on daily basis as well.

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The active ingredient of these Skinny Jab injections is the liraglutide. If we consider the working of this liraglutide, then it basically works in the same way as compared to the glucagon that is actually a naturally occurring hormone.

Now, if we refer to the working of this Skinny Jab injection, then it basically works by targeting the appetite receptors in the brain of an individual. These actually suppress the appetite of the indicates and make him feel more full and kind of reduce the amount of food that they intake. So, the working principle of these injections is that they limit the intake of food by making a person feel full and by decreasing his appetite.

Gemma Collins and Skinny Jab

Another aspect is that Gemma Collins is actually an ambassador for the Skinny Jab injections and she says about these injections as an effective appetite suppressant weight loss tool. And she definitely makes claim that the amazing transformation regarding to the weight loss that she has been able to gain has been due to this very Skinny Jab injections.

So, indeed the Skinny Jab injections are effective in their functioning as these injections basically suppress the desire of food and suppress the appetite of the individual. They make an individual feel fuller and as a result to this, the person doesn’t intake much food.

Further, she also thinks that apart from using these Skinny Jab injections, an individual should also maintain his or her diet and should give due time to the exercise as well. If an individual makes use of the Skinny Jab medication, along with dieting and exercising, then he or she would definitely be able to reduce excess of weight. Therefore, dieting and exercising is also a necessary part of losing weight apart from these injections and medications.

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Gemma Collins diet

If we take a look at the diet plan of Gemma Collins, then she is indeed very much concerned about having a healthy diet that would be very much balanced as well. If we consider her breakfast, then in breakfast, she takes avocado on toast. 

Although this looks way simpler but indeed it comes into the category of healthy diet and it also contains enough energy for the workouts as well. For the lunch, Gemma Collins prefers eating meat and green or apparently salmon and rice. So, this is her lunch menu mostly. Further, if we consider her diet plan for dinner, then she actually takes steak with spinach and other vegetables. In her dinner, she also takes the Asparagus as well.


Gemma Collins had indeed lost 3 stones of weight effectively by maintaining a healthy life style and taking healthy and a balanced diet as well. She so had an effective routine and did workouts regularly, apart from this, the use of Skinny Jab injections also showed amazing results and she had been able to lose some extra weight effectively.

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