Ian McNeice Weight Loss Journey: Before & After Pictures

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Ian McNeice is one of those actors whose work has brought him much-deserved fame and adoration.

Unfortunately, Ian has recently been battling some health-related issues, primarily concerning his weight.

Weight has been a long-standing battle for Ian since he was in high school, and it has only become more challenging with time as well as other health concerns.

Few can deny his talent as an actor, yet it is also important to recognize that he continues to face difficult battles on the health front.

Ian McNeice Weight Loss Journey Before & After Pictures

Ian’s Health Problems

When Ian McNeice was cast as Bert Large in Doc Martin, it was agreed that he would gain more weight to accurately portray the character.

However, when McNeice started to have some health issues he realized something needed to change.

The main trigger of his diet came from what McNeice saw on the screen when the Christmas special was filmed; he was alarmed at how big he had become and knew it was time for a transformation.

So, with a newfound commitment, McNeice embarked on a journey to lose weight, reach a healthier body composition, and build sustainable habits for life.

Ian sought guidance from family and friends

Ian was taken aback when he was made aware of the concerns people had about his health and weight.

Loved ones and fans alike had reached out to him on social media asking him to drop a few pounds for the sake of his physical health.

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When he contacted his agent, they confirmed that this was indeed true people had become concerned about Ian’s weight and mobility.

Understandably worried, Ian set out on a mission to find the most effective way of losing weight which would not only make loved ones happy but also improve his physical condition considerably.

How did Ian lose the weight?

Ian was determined to find a way to lose weight. He searched extensively for the right solution, but nothing seemed to work.

After months of trial and error, his girlfriend Cindy suggested Weight Watchers. Ian decided to give it a shot, unsure if it would be successful.

On his first weigh-in, he lost 10 pounds and felt encouraged by the success.

He continued with the program, logging all his meals in a food diary and attending regular meetings at the local Weight Watchers center. 

The program became part of his lifestyle, and before long he had lost an additional 30 pounds over 6 months.

Ian found that meal planning was critical for sticking with the program and ensuring he was eating healthy balanced meals every day.

He also discovered how much better he felt both physically and mentally from being active as part of his new lifestyle change.

Even when Ian moved cities for work, he made sure to find the nearest Weight Watchers center so that he could keep up with his routine even away from home.

To this day, Ian remains committed to following Weight Watchers to maintain his healthy weight loss journey.

Ian McNeice Diet Plan

McNeice frequently incorporated vegetables into his diet plan, such as Brussels sprouts with olive oil, broccoli and cauliflower roasted in the oven, kale salads with feta and olives, and mashed sweet potatoes.

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He also made sure to include lean proteins such as chicken breast and fish for a balanced meal plan. For snacks, he enjoyed fruits like apples, pears, oranges, and grapes.

To satisfy any cravings for sweets McNeice would enjoy dark chocolate or Greek yogurt with honey. 

When it came to carbohydrates McNeice focused on whole-grain bread, quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, and legumes.

He also found ways to make the plan fit his life by making meal prepping easier on days when he was busy or didn’t have a lot of time to cook something fresh.

On those days he would create healthy one-pot dishes or slow cooker meals that could feed multiple people throughout the week while still following his diet plan from Weight Watchers.

By doing this he made sure he had access to nutritious ingredients no matter what his work schedule looked like.

Ian McNeice Workout Plan

In the pursuit of weight loss, Ian McNeice decided to try out the workout plans offered by Weight Watchers.

Initially, he enjoyed the sessions as it was predominantly composed of women, which made it a comfortable atmosphere for him.

This encouraged him to stick with the plan and put more effort into his workouts. As a result, he was able to lose a remarkable five stone in weight a 70-pound difference! 

The exercise routine that Ian followed included aerobic activity such as jogging and walking, strength training, and core exercises.

He also attended yoga classes once per week, which helped to improve flexibility and balance while providing time for stress relief.

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Additionally, he incorporated healthy eating habits into his lifestyle by cutting back on junk food and eliminating processed foods from his diet.

Finally, Ian paid close attention to his body’s response during each workout session so that he could adjust accordingly if necessary.

Ian was able to reach his weight loss goal by working out, making changes to his diet, and being aware of his health goals.

Ian McNeice Weight Loss Before & After Pictures


Ian McNeice proved that age is truly just a number when he shed 70 pounds at the age of 65 years.

It was no easy feat, as McNeice maintained his motivation and worked hard to achieve his goal.

Having surpassed this obstacle, McNeice has embraced a healthy lifestyle and continues to follow the recipes and advice given in WW’s book.

His story shows us how it is never too late to make a positive change in our lives, and that determination pays off.

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