Is HGH (Human growth hormone) legal in the UK?

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  • Date: September 15, 2022
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What is HGH ( human growth hormone)

Before taking into consideration that whether the HGH is legal or not, let us first discuss that what HGH actually is? So, the answer to this specific question is that HGH is actually a growth hormone. If we take a look at the abbreviation HGH, then it stands for Human Hormone. 

It is a reality a growth hormone that is present naturally as well. If we consider the natural source of this hormone, then it is produced by the pituitary gland of the body. Whereas, if we consider the most important function that is performed by this hormone in the body, then it is indeed very much essential for the proper growth and cell generation. Apart from this, the hormone is also involved in cell reproduction as well.

These are just some of the main uses that I was talking about the naturally occurring HGH, another important aspect is that this growth hormone is also produced synthetically. Yes! You heard it right. This HGH is also synthesized artificially. This synthesized HGH is further available in two main forms. You can either intake it intramuscularly or subcutaneously. These are the usual two forms of intake of this Human Growth Hormone.

Uses for HGH

Now, if we take into consideration the overall benefits and uses of this human growth hormone, then it is basically used by most of the people who are looking for ways in order to maintain themselves. This hormone helps them in doing so. This hormone is also involved in the body’s repairing processes and it indeed effectively heals up the damaged parts of the body. 

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Although, it doesn’t heal up the things, rather you can say that it basically speeds up the overall healing process that takes place after some kind of injury. Another most important aspect of this growth hormone is that most of the people utilize it because it is also said to slow down the aging process. Many people believe that this HGH is an anti-aging agent, and because of this, in order to reduce and slow down their aging process, they just intake it.

Apart from these benefits, the human growth hormone is also involved in playing an integral part for the bodybuilders as many bodybuilders prefer this specific growth hormone. The bodybuilders use this hormone widely because of the benefits that it provides to them. This hormone is involved in the synthesis of muscle proteins and also bone mass. 

As a result, we can simply say that this hormone improves the overall muscles size of the bodybuilder in a relatively shorter time period and this is what most of the bodybuilders prefer. It helps them gain size that they want to achieve. So, these are some of the benefits and advantages of using the HGH.

Possible Side effects of using HGH

This HGH indeed has many benefits and advantages that look just amazing but you should keep in mind the saying that “all that glitters is not gold”. Same is the case here, as this human growth hormone indeed glitters because of the advantages and benefits that it has but still, what I would say is that it is not gold and why I am saying this is probably because this growth hormone has some serious side effects that could even be fatal. 

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The possible side effects that could be caused because of the use of this hormone include carpal tunnel syndrome, increased cholesterol levels, cancer tumors and fluid retention in the muscles, usually arms and legs. Apart from these, it can also damage the liver and kidneys as well as other internal organs of the body. So, this is indeed the cost that you may probably pay by using this growth hormone. These are some of the major side effects of using this HGH.

So is HGH Legal or illegal in the UK?

Now, if we take into consideration the fact and aspect that whether this HGH is legal or not, then the fact is that indeed the buying and selling of HGH is absolutely illegal in UK. It is said that human growth hormone is a class C illegal drug present in UK.

 So, this might now be clear that UK doesn’t allow the buying and selling of HGH in the markets. Although this specific drug or growth hormone is available in the black markets but still, officially, this HGH is a considered to be a class C illegal drug.


Therefore, based on the above stated discussion, what I conclude is that although this HGH has many benefits and advantages for the individuals, but still, this growth hormone has some serious side effects as well. 

The buying and selling of this HGH is indeed considered to be illegal and what I personally have to say is that although it appears that this specific hormone is very beneficial and effective and has a lot of advantages but if we take a look at the other side and perspective as well, then like many benefits, this hormone also has many side effects as well. Further, it is declared to be illegal, therefore, you should probably avoid using this HGH.

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