Lose weight by lifting weights

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If you are concerned with your increasing weight then might it be possible that you can get rid of it. Surprising! But now it can be possible, may be you have tried many techniques by left eating more and doing dieting etc.

No need to decrease food eating but try weight lifting techniques you will see best results. This is a best way to lose weight by lifting weights as it serves the main purpose without giving any drawback of any type.

The authorities of the different gyms highly recommend the food plan along with the loss of weight by applying multiple weight lifting strategies. In this way there is a proper work routine of the exercise to reduce the fats of the body.

It is a complex system to burn one’s calories and fats through in an indirect way means by lifting weights. There needs a proper trainer for the whole procedure and who should be paid as per according to the contract.

This is a full-fledge activity that needs to be monitored appropriately in order to get the desirous results.

We can divide the whole exercise plan by adopting some methods: 

Enhance your weight lifting capability

Increasing your lifting weight is a best way to get out of the heavy weight zone comfortably. Once you will increase the level of weight lifting then it will increase the metabolic rate at the one hand and on the other hand it will help reduce calories.

In other words, you will be able to reduce your body weight up to some extent. It is regarded as one of the simplest way to get out of this quagmire of heavy body weight by increasing your weight lifting techniques either by increasing it or by changing the workout plan for the weight lifting.

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Increase Intensity

The second best way to contradict that menace is the intensity level you put on your workout plan. For instance, it is not about increasing the time span while lifting weights in other words it is all about your intensity to lift the weight with more force and weight.

It is to say that if you pay more focus on your 30-40 minutes exercise than the unmanaged two hours weight lifting exercise with less intensity. In all the procedure you will take less rest and exert more force to lift the different body building dumbbells. 

Leave your comfort zone

If you want to change your physique than you have to leave your comfort zone and let your body be worked harder and harder in order to give the great results in respect of weight losing.

Our body needs proper energy in order to recover and repair and by lifting heavy weights exerting more and more energy will help reduce in the body weight.

Superset and Hybrid

Another method which involves an execution of two main weight losing techniques is known as supersets and hybrid. A superset involves doing of two or main exercises to target the same muscle group back to back with a minimal rest.

It is to say that by doing a set of 12 heavy squats followed by a set of 12 heavy lunges is a superset. On the other hand side, hybrid is a combination of two or more movements into one is simply a hybrid.

In order to more simplifying a hybrid, it is to be said that by combining squat with a shoulder press is an example of hybrid exercises.  While adding these two exercises in a workout plan then it will give more good results in form of weight loss by lifting weights.

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Circuit Training

This technique can be called circuit training because in this exercise of weight losing by lifting weights. In this step, one will focus on upper part of body; lower part and overall body while keeping in mind the level of intensity up to gain more weight loss. 


There are some images of exercises of all circuits i.e. 1, 2 and 3 included to show how to lift weight and in which proper way:

Squat + Curl

Push ups

Push ups

Dumbbell row + Fly

Dumbbell row + Fly

Renegade Rows

Renegade Rows

Bench Dips

Bench Dips

Beside all this practice focus should be paid on heavy weights in order to lose body weight. The more muscle you will have the more slim and handsome you will look alike.

There are more common six weight losing techniques by lifting weight or by doing exercises. These six techniques are as follow:

  • Squat
  •  Twisting lunge
  • Push press
  • Inverted row (Pulling )
  • Single led dead deadlift ( Bending )
  • Russian twist.

These are more common exercises for weight loss. By focusing on these techniques one can easily reduce his or her weight loss simply by doing these exercises more frequently. In this way the above-mentioned strategies will help reduce weight loss.

But before going into the workout plan for the weight loss by lifting weights one should keep in mind that there are some other factors too which play a key role in maintaining and balancing the body weight which are for instance ; sleep, nutrition, mindset and different physical activities one do in his or her life routine.

These factors play a significant role in determining the shape of the body. By effectively maintaining all these factors one can do a lot in this regard. Therefore, it is an easiest way to weight loss by lifting weights.

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In order to conclude the whole discussion, it is quite clear that the fact is that one can reduce body weight by lifting weights and doing multiple physical exercises but it can all be done more effectively under the guidance of a trainer and physician too to monitor your change in body weight.

Furthermore, it can be regarded as one of the most important and easiest way to lose weight by applying little focus on your diet plan and more focus on the workout plan you made for your body loss by lifting weights and doing different types of techniques.

But, it is necessary to do all this exercise under the guidance of a proper physician and gym trainer for more effective results. The last not the least, throughout the whole process it would be your level of intensity which will determine your destiny level.

To sum up, more interestingly the latest scientific research has proved that it is quite possible and effective to lose weight by lifting weights and doing different exercises in order to lose body weight. Hence, it is well recommended therapy which one can use to lose his or her body weight.

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