Lynette Romero weight loss, workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Lynette Romero weight loss

Who is Lynette Romero

Do you know who Lynette Romero is? If you don’t know this prominent personality, then let me introduce her. Lynette Romero is actually an American journalist, media reporter and news anchor as well. She was born on 3rd, February 1967 in Denver, Colorado, USA. 

If you have heard about the KTLA news network, then you will definitely be aware of this famous personality as Lynette Romero is a prominent face of this channel. She is the wife of David Angulo and if we talk about her career, then she is a pretty famous news reporter and journalist. 

You can judge her skills by knowing that she is the woman who has won awards such as the “Emmy Award” and the “Golden Mike Award” as well. Lynette Romero is still working with the KTLA 5 News Network and is quite dedicate in her work. She is an award-winning anchor as well as reporter.

Lynette Romero Weight loss journey

Well losing weight is really a hard thing for most of the people. The main reason can be that losing weight requires a firm dedication and determination along with following a healthy diet and doing exercise, and this is the thing that most of the people find difficult.

Now, talking about our one of the famous news reporter and celebrity, Lynette Romero also used to be fat and overweight. She herself admitted at times that she had to struggle with her being overweight since a long time. You can take a look at her weight loss journey by a statement that she gave. Lynette Romero once mentioned that she had been struggling with weight since she was in the fourth grade and at that time.

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Lynette specially used to follow different weight loss diets that could help her in overcoming her excess weight. So, this tells us that the now famous news reporter and anchor Lynette has been struggling with her weight loss since quite a long time.

Later on, she also had to suffer from some health issues and that made her to pay a visit to her doctor. Since then, Lynette realized that how her health was not good. Lynette was suffering from stress, she used to have very less sleep, didn’t used to have a proper and a balanced diet and even didn’t used to give time to exercise. So, she realized all of this after her deteriorating health and made a determination to become healthy and fit.

Ultimately, the result of her determination was that now we can see a prominent change in the shape and figure of our famous news anchor. Now, if we compare a picture of Lynette with one of her past pictures, then we will realize that how much she has changed.

Lynette Romero Workout plan 

As I have already discussed that the weight loss journey of Lynette Romero began after she went to her doctor for her routine checkup, and this was the time when her doctor suggested her to focus on her health more.

From that day onward, Lynette has been quite conscious about her health and began following the fitness plan that her doctor had suggested to her.

If we talk about the workout plan of Lynette Romero, then we should firstly take a look at the overall routine plan of Lynette in order to understand her weight loss. So, Lynette basically comes back from her work at around 12 pm and after coming to home, she performs a workout. 

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Her workout basically consists of Peloton, this peloton is an exercising bike that helps in reducing the weight of an individual through exercise. Further, apart from exercising on the Peloton, she also performs a spin class. So, this is all that we know about Lynette’s workout plan.

Lynette Romero Diet plan

Despite the fact that Lynette’s workout plan seems to be so small, but still, she has shared with her fans a method through which she had been able to get slim, smart and healthier. The method that she shared was about “Intermittent Fasting”. 

If we take a look at this intermittent fasting method, then it is basically about the eating and fasting habit in regular cyclic manner. So, this intermittent fasting is all about having a 16-hour long window for fasting and the remaining 8-hour window associated with one’s eating. 

Hence, this is the method that has been followed by Lynette so that she could lose some weight and indeed this method has proved to be successful for her as she managed to lose almost fifty pounds of her weight by following this method in a very limited time period. 


The conclusion of our discussion is that Lynette Romero has really managed to lose her excess weight through doing some exercise and also by following the method of intermittent fasting. This intermittent fasting had been very helpful for her as by following this method, Lynette Romero managed to lose almost 50 pounds of her weight.

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