Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz weight loss, workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz weight loss

Who is Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz

You may probably know who Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz is. Well, if you don’t know, then I will tell you about her. Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz is actually an Instagram star that was born in United States. If we talk about her age.

Myesha Boulton is actually 28 years old as she was born on 20th, August 1993. Further, as we have already discussed that by profession, Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz is an Instagram star. 

You can also call her as a model because she basically shows off her modelling photos on the social media platform such as Instagram. Further, if you are unaware of her Instagram profile, then you can easily find her as the name of her profile is as “mya.curvz”. So, this was an introduction of this famous Instagram model and star.

Weight loss journey of Myesha Boulton

Well, if we account for the weight loss journey of Myesha Boulton, then what I would say is that it is something that is not believable. If you take a look at the earlier photographs of Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz, then you will observe that she used to be really overweight. 

She used to have excess fat on her body, and she used to look obese, but if you take a glance at her recent photographs, then what I would say is that you won’t believe in your eyes. Myesha Boulton has really lost a lot of weight in just a very limited time period.

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Further, her weight loss journey is not only limited to the fact that she had lost so much of weight and now really looks unrecognizable, but the thing is that her story of weight loss went viral on the internet. Well definitely, there is nothing wrong in losing weight and having a slimmer physique, but the issue is all regarding to the feedback and the comments that Myesha Boulton had to receive as a result of her weight loss journey.

 One of the main reasons behind this whole situation is that Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz claims that she had lost this much of weight through a natural process but if we see the perspective of the audience and her fans, then it appears to be the thing that none of them seems to believe this whole story. 

The audience have flooded her pictures with comments regarding to it and what they basically say is that Myesha Boulton had undergone some kind of surgery to be in the shape that she currently has. So, this is the whole reason behind the controversy regarding to the weight loss of Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz.

Well, if I tell you all regarding to my opinion, then my tilt is with the perspective of the audience. Although, there is really no denial in the fact that an individual can lose a large amount of weight by doing intense workouts and exercises along with taking healthy and balanced diets, but the case with Myesha Boulton doesn’t seem to be like this. 

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Although it is possible that she might have lost weight by doing some exercise and by following a diet plan, but the thing is that if you keenly observe her recent photographs, then you will come to have an impression as if someone had just cut the extra fat off from her body. When you will compare her past photographs with the current ones, then you will also have the opinion that she has undergone some sort of surgery in order to lose weight.

Myesha Boulton Workout, diet or surgery

Well, we can not be sure about the fact that how did Myesha Boulton aka Mya Curvz managed to lose weight but if we see her perspective, then she claims that she had undergone intense workouts and has done a lot of exercises.

 Despite her claim, what a lot of people say is that she had undergone a surgery as one individual commented on her photograph that she had a surgery to lose weight and the surgery was performed by infamous Dr. Cabral. 

That individual also claimed that Dr. Cabral after performing the surgery posted a picture with Myesha Boulton but after her insistence, he had to delete the picture, but some people also took the screenshot of it as well.


All of this discussion really brings us to our conclusion. Again, I would say that we cannot be sure whether Myesha Boulton lost the weight by doing intense workouts and by following a specific diet plan but overall, the opinion of the people is that Myesha Boulton had undergone a surgery that made him look like this.

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