New revolution: Losing Fat with Green Coffee

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  • Date: February 9, 2022
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For many people across the globe, being overweight or obese is not only an appearance problem; it is much more than that. Obesity among adults is always accompanied several health issues ranging from pain in limbs, especially legs, due to carrying a lot of weight, to high blood pressure and chronic heart diseases.

Clearly, with all these weight management problems, mere weight loss supplements are just not enough. Something extra is required. Science has taken new steps in this direction and has come up with Green Coffee Extracts for fat loss.

A new revolution in the segment of health and weight loss supplements is of the green coffee extracts, that are not only believed to help people lose weight rapidly, but has a positive effect on their health as well. Green coffee is something as natural and beneficial as our very own green tea. 

On whatever evidence there is, from the studies on green coffee extracts, it contains high level of chlorogenic acid. This compound blocks the excess fat from settling in the body and also controls a person’s blood pressure levels and sugar levels.

Working of green coffee

Many people get confused and think that since it’s the unroasted coffee beans, it must be the caffeine that helps in weight loss. But the fact is that green coffee only contains about 20 mg of caffeine per serving. It is the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee instead which is the reason why with green coffee loses a lot of weight.

 Human bodies burn the glucose in the body for energy, if the blood glucose levels of the body are unstable. Otherwise, if the glucose is not needed for consumption of energy, it is converted into glycogen and is accumulated in muscles or the liver. 

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Thereafter, if this glycogen accumulates in excessive quantities, the liver converts it into fat and stores it as adipose tissue, which is commonly called as the body fat. Consumption of green coffee works by inhibiting the glucose release in human bodies and at the same time increases metabolism or burning of fat in the liver. These two actions taking place simultaneously, post green coffee consumption, are responsible to lose weight.

People often confuse green coffee with regular roasted coffee to lose weight, which is not the right thing. Green coffee can help you lose weight, while regular coffee can’t.

The main reason behind this is that when the coffee beans are roasted and transformed into regular coffee, most of the chlorogenic acid is lost away from these beans and thereafter, they are not useful for losing weight. The natural green coffee beans have about 50-60% of chlorogenic acid, which is believed to be the ideal amount to make green coffee beans an ideal weight loss.

Are there any side effects?

One can always find out how easy you can lose weight with green coffee, with any kinds of risks or side effects involved with it. According to the medical studies, there were no significant side effects reported for green coffee consumption, but one always has to take care that he or she have taken medical consultation before its consumption.

According to the studies, which were done in a controlled manner on a restricted number of people, it was found that ideal consumption of green coffee must not exceed 400 mg per day and it should be taken with regular meals. 

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Although, it is quite clear that having green coffee can prove to be very good for weight loss, these studies cannot be fully trusted as there is not enough medical evidence that consumption of green coffee extracts is completely safe. Before suggesting it to the vulnerable consumers, sufficient tests are required to be conducted to provide solid results regarding the safety of the derived products.

Facts to be taken care of

Apart from knowing how green coffee loses a lot of weight, one must also know and take care of certain facts that are very important to be aware of before consumption of green coffee.

Although there are no side effect reported by the consumers or by the doctors that have analysed the effects of green coffee, one must always consider certain things before they start up. Firstly, a person should always consider visiting a doctor for advice on consumption and dosage. 

Secondly, he or she should not intake green coffee extracts if, under any kind of medication or are diabetic, as green coffee intake might adversely affect their health if any kind of a reaction occurs with the medications. 

Thirdly, people with heart diseases and blood pressure problems should avoid using green coffee without consulting their doctors. If the doctors find it suitable for them, only then should it be used, as green coffee can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels for some individuals. 

Lastly, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should necessarily avoid consumption.

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