Olivia Ponton workout routine And Diet Plan

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Olivia Pontons workout routine

Who is Olivia Ponton

You might be aware of Olivia Ponton, if not, then let me introduce her. Olivia Ponton is actually a social media star. She is one of the famous social media influencers nowadays. Apart from social media, she also works as a model as well.  Olivia Pontons was born on 30th, May 2002 and currently she is 19 years old. She was born in Florida, United States.

Olivia Ponton has a huge fan following on social media platforms. You can account for her fan following by taking a look at her social media platforms. For instance, Olivia has almost 2.9 million followers on her Instagram account while if we take a look at her TikTok account, then it has a huge fan following of around 5.7 million.

TikTok is one of the platforms that resulted in her huge fan following and made her popular. Overall, considering the early life of Olivia Pontons, then she had always been fond of dancing and modeling. She always tried hard so that she can pursue her dream and we can say that she has really achieved her dream of becoming a dancer and social media influencer.

Olivia Ponton Workout routine

Now, referring towards the workout routine of Olivia Ponton, then she is often seen to go to the gym and doing workout. Further, if we take a look at the physique of this social media celebrity, then she has surely got an amazing physique. It appears that her going to the gym and doing intense workout really pays off. 

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Now, if you are wondering that what kind of workout Olivia really does, then let me tell you that she performs different kinds of workout such as weightlifting, cardio, core and bodyweight training. These are all the workouts that she performs and all of these really contribute towards her amazing physique.

If we account for the cardio that she performs, then her cardio workout includes running a couple of miles. There is no doubt that running some miles is the best exercise for cardio. This actually helps the body to be in shape and apart from it, this also helps in burning the excess of fat as well. 

All of this leads towards a slim belly just as that of Olivia. Apart from doing cardio, Olivia Ponton also focuses on her weight training.

Now, we will take a look at the daily based workout routine of Olivia Ponton.

Monday: Olivia initially does some squats. These include weighted and kettlebell squats. She also performs the squats jump as well. Furthermore, she also workout on her legs as well. She performs legs press and extensions along with calf raises.

Tuesday: Olivia focuses on her biceps, shoulders, and triceps on this day. She performs dumbbell press, curls and flyes. For shoulders exercise, she does dumbbell shoulder press. For strengthening and shaping her triceps, she performs triceps pushdowns and extensions.

Thursday: This day is again dedicated for the lower body’s workout. She performs deep and weighted squats and also does some leg press and curls.

Friday: She performs weighted hack squats, weighted hip thrusters, machine thigh abduction and hyperextension.

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Similarly, plank, plank twisters, cross and double crunches, heel touch and leg raises are some of the exercises that she performs for her body’s core workout.

Olivia Ponton Diet plan:

Now another question that a lot of people ask is that what is the diet plan of Olivia Ponton. Well, no doubt that she follows a very healthy and balanced diet plan.

Her diet plan is all about eating healthy food, food with low carbs and rich in proteins. Further, there is no denial that she also loves cheeseburgers and smoothies.

If we account for the breakfast that Olivia does, then she basically begins her day by having egg white omelet along with a smoothie, berries and protein powder.

After the breakfast, she also takes a snack that is mostly a protein bar. Further, her lunch includes chicken salad and if we talk about her dinner, then she uses to have salad-veggies or steak or fish for her dinner.

Therefore, based on her diet plan we can surely say that how much she is careful and conscious regarding to her health and diet. So, this was all regarding to the diet plan that Olivia Ponton follows.


Hence, based on all of this discussion, we can easily conclude that Olivia Pontons is really an amazing social media influencer and a celebrity as well. Further, this popular social media influencer follows a strict workout plan and also enjoys a healthy and a well-balanced diet plan.

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