Reasons Your Putting Weight On

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  • Date: February 9, 2022
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Losing your mind over losing your weight??? Tried many ways to lose weight but slowly they punch the clock again???

Do you regularly find yourself returning empty handed from a shopping spree just because the little dress did not fit you well? You heave around a bag of guilt for having asked for that sinful “extra cheese.” Then stop right there! Stressing out to “get in shape” will only make matters worse.

Perhaps, some stubborn behavioral patterns are sabotaging your efforts and not letting you lead a rosy-cheeked life.

Losing weight is not a herculean task, nor is it a child’s play. Just few initial efforts can bring you back in shape and make you feel voluptuous than ever before. The possibility of weight loss becomes more achievable when healthy choices circumvolve into healthy habits.

Less Intake of Water

Drinking water in right proportion hydrates your body that augments the fat burning process. Burning calories releases noxious substances in body that flushed out with the support of required amount of water present in your body.

A healthy nutritional therapy incorporates intake of fibers. However, lack of fluids in body can compel fiber to leaven constipation. Therefore, 8-ounce glasses of water per day are recommended to sustain a healthy life.

Chronic Sleep Loss

People destitute of sleep can burn the same number of calories than the ones privileged to acquire sleep but because of the fact that they are animated during that tenure, they in-take around 250-300 calories more per day.

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Therefore, a sleep deficit dwindles down your metabolism and aggrandizes the level of stress hormone in your body popularly known as Cortisol that upsurges yearn for food. You end up consuming huge lardaceous edibles that help you pacify your appetite.

Halting Your Diet Record

You might have endeavored to keep a track of number of calories going in your mouth initially but lost the way eventually. Nonchalance towards your diet is one of the basic factors amongst multiple other factors for gaining weight.

You may download any free calorie application like Calorie tracker, Lose It etc. to track daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate and protein consumption.

Huge Intake of Carbonated Water

Carbonated Water is an amalgamation of artificial sweeteners and carbon acid, prepared by diluting carbon dioxide in water.

This genre of water adds weight to your body but also lixiviates calcium from bones, develops and multiplies stones in kidney and causes destruction to your teeth. A poor substitute of water mixed with colossal amounts of sugar gravitates to step-up your weight drastically.

Shark Bites Into Food

Some people have a very bad habit of eating too very fast or biting enormous chunks of food. Perhaps they are under the notion of never getting the same food again or someone else might smatter the food from them.

It takes close to 15-20 minutes for food to reach your intestines and indicate the brain that you have had enough. According to a recent study, it has been found that at an average people take 13 minutes to eat their meals, which fail them to realize how much hungry they are.  

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Eating at night

People are not much active at night and hence they will not be able to burn out the calories that they consume at night, which will make the body store the calories as body fat. Moreover, foods chosen to consume at the nighttime are usually unhealthy.

The digestive system tends to act slowly during night and hence the food taken not properly digested. Therefore, it can be concluded that late night eating, poor food choices, and lack of physical activities only make you fat. However, going to bed before one and a half hours of eating can make you put on weight due to improper digestion.

Placing Food on Hulking Plates

Every household has dishware varying from size to size. The eating behavior determined by the size of bowls or plates present in our kitchen cabinets. All of us have a habit of filling our plates to the fullest irrespective of appetency. Having access to modest plates and bowls will enable us to have smaller portions keeping our appetite intact.

Sharing Food Photos on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top performing social platforms in food domains. It has top pins concerning delectable munchies, drinks, and deserts that can make waves to anyone and everyone when they are not even yearning for. It portrays pictures in a way that are receptive to gourmet and they end up having an inch extra in their torso.

Above are some habits that unintentionally make you fat repeatedly. In order to maintain a healthy and active life, weigh yourself regularly just to know if you are on the right track and if you are not, and then take corrective actions to come on the track.

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