Tom Kerridge weight loss and how did he achieve it?

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Who is Tom Kerridge and how did he lose weight 

If we firstly take a look at who actually is Tom Kerridge, then he is actually a Michelin starred chef and is from England. Tom Kerridge has worked in a lot of different British restaurants. Further, apart from being a high-class chef, tom Kerridge is also the owner of a famous pub. The pub that tom Kerridge owns is known as “The Hand and Flowers”. He established this famous pub along with his wife back in 2005. Apart from all of this work, tom Kerridge also appeared on a number of shows on TV out of which most were about the food and cooking related. So, this is a small introduction about this famous chef who is known for his cooking.

tom kerridge weight loss

Tom Kerridge on being overweight

Now, if we take into consideration the weight of Tom Kerridge, then it is actually not accurate but at the age of 40, Tom had an approximate weight of about 30 stones. Well, Tom himself was aware about this fact at that age and because of this awareness, he actually took a step to overcome this aspect. He realized that it is necessary for him to reduce his body’s extra weight before it was too late. So, he started working on his body and what we can say is that he had indeed somehow managed to overcome the excessive weight that he had.

Tom kerridge on his Weight loss

Now, if we talk about that how did Tom Kerridge lose weight, then this has indeed been possible in different steps and stages. Tom Kerridge actually reduced his excessive body weight of almost 30 stones by quitting booze, starting exercise and especially swimming and by starting a new diet that is called as the dopamine diet. If we talk about the weight that he had lost in the five years Tim period, then Tom Kerridge actually lost 12 stones during this duration of five years.

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So, what we can say is that by leaving the alcohol or by quitting the booze and further, by doing hard exercise and especially swimming, Tom had been able to lose weight. As many people know that swimming is one of the most effective exercise that enables an individual to lose weight. This is an exercise that involves the overall movement of the body parts and muscles and it helps an individual to burn the extra calories that are stored in the body. So, once these calories are burnt, losing weight becomes easy and Tom indeed followed the same step and actually took up to swimming.

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Diet used by Tom Kerridge

Diet is indeed one of the most important aspect when it comes to losing weight as many people say that diet plays a vital role in helping an individual to stay healthy as well as to lose weight. Now, if we take into consideration the diet of Tom Kerridge, then he actually himself admitted that he had been using the dopamine diet for a long time and this change of diet actually helped him to lose approximately 12 stones.

Now, if we generally talk that what actually is this dopamine diet, then it is a diet that is usually based around the idea of increasing the levels of the happy hormone in the body. It increases the levels of this happy hormone and it assists in losing weight. This happy hormone is actually referred to the dopamine and this specific dopamine diet boosts the levels of this hormone in the body. 

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Now, if we consider that what actually are the diet products that can be involved in the increase of this dopamine levels in the body, then this diet usually includes different kind of fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and eggs. This diet also includes different dairy products and even chocolate as well. In the category of dairy products, we have cream and yoghurt. Further, this diet also contains meat such as chicken, best etc. So, this is the overall dopamine diet ingredients.

As we consider this diet, we conclude that it is indeed a very effective and a well-balanced diet that will definitely provide the required strength to an individual. Further, this diet is actually a low-carb diet. So, this is the diet that Tom Kerridge used in order to lose his body weight and it indeed turned to be very effective.

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So, based on the above discussion, what we conclude is that Tom Kerridge has indeed lost a lot of weight in recent years and all of it had been possible because of the low-carb diet or also called as the dopamine diet that he had been having. Further, he also had been exercising and especially swimming. So, all of this physical activity along with dopamine diet really helped him a lot to lose weight.

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